Apologue Isle Support Material

Test film for Apologue Isle (Alexander Pearce and the Apparition), 2021

Concept: The story of Alexander Pearce is overlaid by the biblical allegory of Saint Anthony in the desert. A man converses with a mountain tarn; they discuss the grievous nature of his crimes, but also the inherent violence of the natural world.

Art & script: Andy Hutson
Camera: Jesse Hunniford
Music & audio: Ben Yardley
Narrator: Andrew Hawley

No News is Good News, 2021

Artwork: Andy Hutson
Concept: Audience members throw a tennis ball into a colourful, carboard spinning vortex. An array of moving sculptures conveys words and phrases from the media cycle and social media acronyms. As each ball passes up the spinning column into the mechanical sculptures above, the path it traces as it descends creates a unique ‘concrete poem’ of life in the Covid era. 

Kinetic installation at the old K&D Warehouse, Hobart.
Materials include cardboard, paper, tennis balls, plywood, electric motors, ag-pipe, hardware and string.
Exhibited as part of No Place Like Home, curated by Emma Pike. MonaFoma, January 2021
Also featuring Tony Albert, Zanny Begg, Rachel Maclean, Nell, Ryan Presley and Phebe Schmidt.

Jesse Hunniford


Artwork, camera & sound: Andy Hutson
Studio assistant: Corey Maher
Concept: DIG E-W is a single channel video with audio, originally exhibited on a purpose built screen and embedded within an architectural intervention in the gallery space. The tunnel was constructed primarily from studio debris. Materials include - salt, acrylic, expanding foam, paper, wire and cardboard. The film was shot with a Canon 7D and filmed in a single take. 

From the group exhibition DEEP TIME, at TCB Gallery, August 2014, featuring Sarah crowEST, Ross Taylor, Susan Jacobs, David Mutch and Andy Hutson. The exhibition explored themes of geology, and the concept of Anthropocene - the idea that the world is now in a geological era defined by human activity.