Apologue Isle - reference material

est film for Apologue Isle, Act 1 (Alexander Pearce and the Apparition), 2021
Art: Andy Hutson
Camera: Jesse Hunniford
Music & audio: Ben Yardley
Narrator: Andrew Hawley

No News is Good News, 2021

Kinetic installation at the old K&D Warehouse, Hobart.
Materials include cardboard, paper, tennis balls, plywood, electric motors, ag-pipe, hardware and string.
Exhibited as part of No Place Like Home, curated by Emma Pike. MonaFoma, January 2021
Also featuring Tony Albert, Zanny Begg, Rachel Maclean, Nell, Ryan Presley and Phebe Schmidt.

Jesse Hunniford

DIG E-W, 2014

A single-take film, shot on a Canon 7D using a custom-made 3 metre long camera boom and dolly.
Made in response to the controversial ‘East-West tunnel’ proposed by the Victorian state government, whilst thinking about the ‘Dig Tree’ from the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition.
The set was constructed entirely of materials and debris found in my studio.