Andy Hutson is a visual artist who lives and works in nipaluna/Hobart, in lurtuwita/Tasmania - an island that forms the most southern part of Australia.

Andy works primarily in sculpture, occasionally dabbling in jewellery making. Andy’s practice tends towards the low-fi and handmade, using simple materials such as cardboard and paper-mâché to tell stories about the natural world, and our role within it.

Andy is drawn to the murky realm that lies between human culture and nature. Not only do we seem to have taken great pains to distance ourselves from our organic origins, but our technologies and ways of working have so entirely shaped the world we occupy that the two now appear almost indiscernible.

Andy attempts to position his art within this uneasy intersection, where we discover that the things made by humans and all the other things that inhabit our lived experience might in fact be one and the same phenomenon.

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