No News is Good News

Mona Foma, @ Old K&D Warehouse, Hobart
Jan 2021
Curated by Emma Pike

This large immersive sculpture was essentially a DIY rube-goldberg amchine, that functioned as a kinetic mind-map/concrete poem. It was collated using words primarliy from the news cycle of 2020. Visitors were given a tennis ball which they threw into a spinning machine, which then spat the balls out into the system of moving words and phrases. The premise was that you could watch your ball as it travelled through the machines, and whichever path it took would determine a unique set of words for you.
In reality, it was so chaotic and dysfunctional that it was impossible to keep track of your ball amongst the many that were whizzing, falling, bouncing, rolling and bumping through the network.

It worked properly about half the time it was running.

This work was exhibited as part of No Place Like Home, curated by Emma Pike.
Also featured were Tony Albert, Zanny Begg, Rachel Maclean, Nell, Ryan Presley, Phebe Scmidt & Guitar Wars.

Photos and footage © Jesse Hunniford